Monday, July 22, 2024
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About School of Data Analytics(SDA)

The School of Data Analytics (SDA) was established in 2020 for imparting teaching and training in fundamental as well as interdisciplinary areas of application and research in the frontier areas. The present era is an era of information technology and data analytics. In the present data driven world all decisions and planning are based on statistics, data analytics and data science. High demand for experts in data analytics, data science and artificial intelligence is felt in planning, research and development, industry, health diagnostics, epidemiology, business and management, banking and insurance, defense, transportation etc. The  School of Data  Analytics is established for ensuring high level research and employment potential for our students and to meet the demand from industry and multinational companies. Data  Scientists job is regarded as the sexiest job of 21st century. Without Data Analytics companies are blind and deaf. Data Science is used to identify patterns from large amount of complex big data and is used for predictive analytics. It helps in simulating many real life complex systems to explain the dynamics of many processes which are difficult to track experimentally using conventional methods.