Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Programme Outcomes of M.Sc. Program (PO)

1. Having a clear understanding of the subject related concepts and contemporary issues.
2. Having problem-solving ability- to assess social issues (societal, health, safety, legal
     and cultural) and engineering problems.
3. Having a clear understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.
4. Having cross-cultural competency exhibited by working as a member or in teams.
5. Having an ability to be socially intelligent with good SIQ (Social Intelligence Quotient)
     and EQ (Emotional Quotient)
6. Having computational thinking (Ability to translate vast data into abstract concepts and
    to understand database reasoning
7. Having ability to make wise decisions using data analytics techniques
8. Having Virtual Collaborating ability and dynamic leadership qualities and team spirit
9. Having critical thinking and innovative skills with a good digital footprint
10. Having global standards in a competitive data driven world.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO) of M. Sc. Data Science & Analytics

1.PSO1: After undergoing this program, students will get advanced knowledge in theory and applications in all areas of Data Science, Data Analytics, Statistical Learning, Machine Learning, Data Base Management, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
2.PSO2: Students have secured practical skills in statistical methods and computer programming to plan and execute projects and decision making using Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Visualization Techniques etc
3.PSO3: Students are well equipped to undertake any work involving exploratory data analysis, fraud analytics, deep learning, text mining etc. as future entrepreneurs.
4.PSO4: Students have developed skills in advanced computing softwares like R and Python for big data analytics, computing and interpretation of results.
5.PSO5: Students are well trained to take up jobs in reputed industries, business firms and MNCs etc as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Risk Analysts, Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Decision Makers, Entrepreneurs etc.
6.PSO6: Students are equipped with practical knowledge and on the job training through case studies, assignments, presentations, industrial visits, internships, projects etc
7.PSO6: Students are motivated to pursue teaching and research in all emerging areas of research in theoretical and applied branches of Data Science, Data Analytics and related areas.
8.PSO7: To become expert decision makers utilizing big data in the data driven world